Non-custodial cross-chain cryptocurrency wallet

The Wallet represents an advanced solution in the cryptocurrency world, allowing users to securely store and manage their assets without relinquishing control to third parties.

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Wallet WhiteLabel

Wallet WhiteLabel is a non-custodial cross-chain wallet with a highly efficient interface, ensuring smooth interaction in the Web3 ecosystem for both experienced and novice cryptocurrency users.

A non-custodial wallet
is a tool for managing cryptocurrency where the user directly controls their private keys, eliminating third-party intervention.

Wallet WhiteLabel

The technology stack of Wallet WhiteLabel reflects modern requirements for speed and adaptability. Using a combination of JS and React Native, the wallet ensures high performance and flexibility on various platforms. This choice of technologies guarantees the reliability and efficiency of interaction with the user interface.

React Native

Wallet WhiteLabel

The architecture of Wallet WhiteLabel implements a comprehensive system, combining a Google Chrome extension and mobile apps on Android and Apple platforms.

This configuration maximizes the efficiency of interaction with our non-custodial services, providing users with comfortable and productive use.

A fully customized crypto wallet tailored to your brand

You receive:

Google extention
High quality
Ios Wallet
Complete customization
Android Wallet
Adaptation to your branding
Full support up to release
3 Months

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Frequently asked questions

What is E-Labs?
E-Labs is a leading distributor of White-Label solutions, specializing in providing turnkey solutions for businesses in the digital asset domain.
What are the key products of E-Labs?
Key products include non-custodial and custodial wallets, vesting and staking portals, a non-custodial bridge, tokenization services, NFT marketplace, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and a seamless blockchain bridge.
Can E-Labs services be integrated into existing websites?
Yes, E-Labs services, especially their merchant solutions, are designed for easy integration into existing websites and mobile applications.
What support does E-Labs offer for its clients?
E-Labs offers full support up to release, including design, security, customization, and adaptation to branding, ensuring a high standard of quality at every stage.
What makes E-Labs unique in the market?
E-Labs stands out for its comprehensive ecosystem of products, tailored customization, and strategic platform that connects digital and traditional financial tools.
What are the stages of collaboration with E-Labs?
Collaboration involves onboarding, branding, integration, and ongoing support. Each stage is designed to meet client needs and ensure high-quality product delivery.